Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello! And life as a Mrs. begins!

Hello, and welcome! I'm officially a Mrs. for 10 days now and thought, why not document my new found life as a married woman! So far so good, presents, cards, and lots of congratulations from friends and family. We got home from our "minimoon" (more on that later) on Saturday night and had a nice lazy Sunday to readjust to the reality that we would back to work the following day. And what a reality check "back-to-work" was.... Woke up to a few inches of snow, after 2 beautiful weeks in the sun, and off to a chilly day at work. Work was what is is; work. As people keep reminding me, its time to be grateful I have a job, benefits, etc. and that is true.

Anyhow, back to the fun part! Mike went and picked up all of our packages at the post office so after work we had a present opening marathon! So fun! We are so lucky to have such generous friends and family in our lives! Next up - thank you notes... 

So, after the most wonderful wedding I ever could have imagined and a relaxing minimoon we are back to Tahoe! Married life doesn't seem so different than before (except for all our neat new stuff!) but here we are, embarking on what is sure to be an exciting adventure! 

Cheers! Mrs. Schuler

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